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WR 2.2 Engine Kit

  • Image 1
  • WR 84mm Crankshaft
  • WR 82mm Stroker Rods
  • WR 91mm Durabar Cylinder
WR .030" Copper Head Gasket
WR CP Forged X Series Piston
  • Image 5
  • Underside view of WR-CP X Series Piston
  • WR HD Glandnut
  • WR Aluminum Pushrods
  • WR Cylinder Head Studs
  • WR78S Camshaft
  • WR 41/36 Valve Kit
  • WR Full Flow Filter Kit
  • WR Twin Plug Kit (optional)
  • Image 14
  • WR 41/36 Valve Kit with chamber work.
55.00 LBS

Product Description

The WR 2.2 Engine Kit

This is the ultimate 356/912 engine! It's the result of over 12 years of testing and development by John to produce a street engine that is super durable, cool running, provides a radical improvement in the 1000 - 5500 rpm power band (right where most of us drive), and can be assembled without exotic machining, clearancing, and requires no knowledge beyond that of the average 356 mechanic. The engine width does not increase, and the stock engine tin and stock muffler fit just like original.

The WR 2.2 Engine kit provides all the parts needed to convert your stock late model 356 or 912 engine. Instructions for all case machine work and head porting are included, as well as tips for the complete rebuild. By including the Weber 44IDF carb kit that is already modified for 356/912 and correctly jetted for the 2.2 liter engine, and a conversion of your stock 022 or BR18 distributor,  there are no tuning headaches or obstacles for the mechanic.  No external oil cooler is needed since the WR Full Flow Filter Kit adds to the cooling of the engine. If desired the addition of an extra cooler is simple. 

We have over 25 of the 2.1/2.2 liter engines on the road with fantastic results. The longevity is the same as a 1720cc and there are no special servicing requirements. The WR2.2 engine produces 150hp and 158lbft of torque as tested on our new Superflow 902S engine dyno. The low rpm torque and throttle response is amazing, and fuel economy on long drives is still in the 25mpg range. The engine will pull easily to 6000 rpm and a redline of 6500 rpm is suggested. 

This engine will turn the 356 or 912 into a real performance car...with power, driveability, and reliability before only possible with a 911.

 The kit includes all the parts listed below along with complete instructions:


  • WR 84mm Crankshaft with straight drilled oiling $2895.00
  • WR HD Gland Nut $65.00
  • WR 84mm Stroker Carrillo Rods with 19mm wrist-pins $1775.00
  • Set Clevite Tri Armour Rod Bearings $130.00
  • Set WR 91mm Durabar Cylinders $1700.00
  • Set WR 91 Pistons with 19mm wrist-pins $1050.00
  • Set WR Head Studs $395.00
  • WR78S Camshaft (new billet) $350.00
  • WR Alloy Pushrods $158.00
  • WR 41/36 Valve Kit $995.00
  • WR Weber 44IDF Kit $1635.00
  • WR Full Flow Oil Filter Kit $595.00
  • Rebuilding of your BR18 or 022 Bosch distributor to the WR Sport Special curve $475.00


COMPLETE KIT $12,218.00


Photos of all parts listed above are shown. Please call with any questions.

If you're interested in purchasing the WR 2.2 Engine Kit, please call 1-562-439-3333



Q: Can I purchase the 2.2 kit parts individually?

A: You must purchase the crank/rods/pistons/cylinders/camshaft as a package since they will not work individually in the 356/912 engine. Any of the other parts can be purchase separately.


Q: Can I use my own distributor with the kit?

A: Yes, it's possible to use your own distributor. The 123, Pertronix, MSD, and other aftermarket distributors will work fine but the curve will have to be adjusted to suit the WR 2.2 engine. Our modification to the original Bosch BR18 and 022 increase static advance to better match the camshaft in the WR 2.2 engine.


Q: Can I use my own special cylinder heads and/or valves with the WR 2.2 Kit?

A: Yes, as long as you match the combustion chamber design to work with the WR pistons. Special pistons can be ordered for your chamber but keep in mind that we have done considerable research and testing to optimize the WR Valve Kit and head.


Q: Does the larger engine require a better flywheel and clutch?

A: Not necessarily, but we offer a WR 215mm Lightweight Flywheel that uses a 901 pressure plate and disc. You can also use our WR HP 200mm disc which increases the torque capacity of the 200mm flywheel.


Q: Will I need to modify my transmission?

A: A 741 transmission and synchros are required. You can use a 741 type trans with a 644 nose cone for a 356A . Stock gearing of either BBBC or BBBD is recommended. A 12 bolt ring gear is recommended. We also offer special HD axles. A GT Torque Biasing Differential is recommended to keep the wheels from spinning...a common problem with the added power;-) 


Q: Do I have to run the Weber carbs, or can I use my Solex 40P11s?

A: We gave up on the Solex carbs several years ago. The difference in drivability and overall performance is significant with the Webers. It's possible to use the Solex carbs if you can deal with the issues and we have suggested jetting available. Larger 44mm bored out Solex carbs don't work.


Q: Can WR do the cylinder head work and the case work for me or my mechanic?

A: Yes. The complete cylinder head work with our CNC chamber is $4200 labor. The case work including line bore, piston squirters, full flow modification, boring for cylinders, blueprinting and clean and tumble finish is $2200.


Q: Can WR dyno test and tune my engine when it's finished? 

A: Yes, at WR we offer engine dyno testing for an hourly rate. This is usually about $1500 for a 356/912. 911s are a little more. The type of testing you want to do will determine the total price.


Q: Can WR build my engine for me?

A: Yes. Depending on your engine, the parts supplied, and how complete the engine needs to be when delivered to you, we can give you a quote. It's also possible for us to build and dyno test an engine as a long block using our fan shroud, exhaust, etc. Please call for a quote.


Q: Why only 160hp. Can't we get 200hp from a 2.2 liter?

A: The goal for early engine designers was 100hp/liter. These were race engines, not street engines. The most the 4 cam 904 made in racing form was 92hp/liter and it wasn't streetable. The most powerful 2 valve naturally aspirated and carbureted street engine that Porsche produced was the 2 liter 911S. It made 80hp/liter. It was a 6 cylinder with 50% more valve area and pumping potential than a 4 cylinder. The 356 SC made about 60hp/liter and was a good street car. With the WR 2.2 we are making 73hp/liter which is good, especially since our torque and HP are the same, indicating a very streetable engine making good low rpm power. The only way to make more horsepower is to push the rpm up, this makes the engine less manageable at lower rpm. How much of this the owner is willing to deal with is up to the owner. For the WR 2.2, the throttle response is instant and impressive at low rpm, and it pulls easily to the 6500rpm redline. Most owners rarely go over 6000rpm and spend most of their time between 1K and 5K. 






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